How to export

Advice and examples of key export issues


Is exporting right for you?

Assuming your company commits to exporting, here are the areas you need to look at more closely. This next section of the report examines these areas in more detail, with an overview of each one, as well as case studies from successful exporters and commentary from sector experts.

researching your marketidentify-the-best-marketbe-aware-of-business-culturedevelop-a-value-propositionassess-the-competition
preparing-for-the-marketIdentify routes to marketfind-partners-distributers
entering-the-marketset pricing in export marketsset-up-a-company-overseasfinance-a-move-overseas
operating in the marketprotecting-ipmanage-export-growthmanage-currency-differencesdeal-with-taxnavigate-local-regulations