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Readings are supplemented by field trips to Chicago theaters that feature African American plays. Many modern fiction writers have turned more and more to the resources of fantasy literature as a fresh way to explore serious ideas for an adult audience. Accordingly, course "texts" may include everything from The Picture of Dorian Gray, to a selfie stick, to industrial drone music, although the dominant lens of the course will be phd creative writing glasgow. Thesis MCW Capstone Writing and Revision Electives Electives are chosen from the graduate course offerings in the Master of Arts in Literature program, creative writing special topics courses MCW and the seminars and internships thesis assistance iukb in teaching and publishing. The course will investigate aesthetic production during the post-WWII period by American and world writers and artists, with an additional focus on the theoretical basis of postmodernism. Cross-listed as: NEUR ENGL Contemporary Literature This course will examine literary texts that address questions of ideology and the marketplace, and it will include diverse multicultural literary perspectives.

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